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Aug 26 2008

Pav Bhaji

Today I packed pav bhaji for my hubby’s lunch. Pav bhaji is originated from Maharashtra, the most popular city in India where most of the bollywood/Indian movies were made. Pav bhaji is very well known as street food, now this food is easily found everywhere in India. The seller used to sell this food on […]

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Aug 26 2008

Fried Noodle / Chowmein

A very interesting fact about noodle is that it has been related to chinesse cuisine since a very-very long time or I can say since the ancient time. I’ve been searching about the history of noodle and chowmein and interestingly nobody knows how this noodle began and who was the first person who made it. […]

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Aug 26 2008

Light Chicken Curry

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India is very famous with curry… Turmeric , red and green chilly, ginger, coriander, etc are the common spices which are used in cooking. In some of the homes in India, people still use fresh turmeric, chilly, ginger and other spices, but in some homes which are more modern and open to changes, people have […]

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