Apr 09 2008

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This website is very much inspired by an inspiring movie Ratatouille. For you who don’t like animated movie (like my hubby), you might missed the wonderful message inside this movie.

The movie is about a mouse named Remy who had a dream of becoming a chef. He was very inspired when he saw a book “Anyone Can Cook” which was written by a very known chief. He has a gift to sense the smell and taste.

After he went through many things and separated from his family, he ended up Gusteau’s restaurant where he met a young boy named Linguini who cannot cook but really wanted to become a chef.

Anyway, at the end of the story, both Remy and Linguini finally ran a restaurant together.

The part which I like from this movie is when Remy showed his brother how good is to taste two kind of foods at once, especially when he finally could cook the mushroom with the cheese with the help of the lightning. Wow… that’s amazing.

I know that I’m not the best chef on earth, and I count myself as an amateur in cooking. But I believe it is always worthwhile to try and if we cook with the whole of our heart and not affraid to take the risk, even the simplest recipe can be a great dish.

I do really hope that this website can inspire those who are like me :). There was a saying, the key to men’s hearts is through their stomachs. But I would like to say, the key to everyone’s heart is through the food which you cook with the whole of your heart :)

So, don’t be affraid to cook for the people whom you love even if you cannot cook :)

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