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Dec 10 2009

Choco Cheese Banana Bread

¬† I love Choco Cheese Banana Bread, I used to eat it when I was still staying in Jakarta. I really love sweet bread, especially with lots and lots of chocolate in it. I’m normally not the type of the person who likes to bake a bread, basically I didn’t have that much of¬†confident in […]

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Sep 01 2008

Snow Cashew Cookies

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One thing that I will not forget when the first time I ate this cookies was the softness and the sweetness which melt in the mouth. The taste of the cashew really spoils in the tongue. I tried to make this recipe about few years back and since then, I always make this cookies during […]

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Jul 24 2008

Pineapple Cookies

This is basically the modification of Pineapple Tart recipe. It started when I was feeling tired to mold the pineapple jam inside the dough, I was thinking if I could modified this pineapple tart to something else by changing the look of it. And the result was not bad at all, even it is made […]

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May 10 2008

Pineapple Tart

Pineapple Tart which we call Nastar in Indonesian, is one of the famous traditional cookies in Indonesia. Commonly found in most of the houses in Indonesia during festivals or given as a gift to friends, family and dear ones. Even though this tart looks exclusive and very attractive whenever we see them in the stores, […]

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