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May 08 2014

Chicken Strips

Confused on what to prepare for your afternoon tea party or your kitty party?? well… not anymore… here is one suggestion to light up your afternoon party… the chicken strips!!  it’s hot… it’s crunchy… it’s yummy… perfect snack and finger food to accompany your favorite tea. And what more??… it’s a very easy to make […]

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Apr 27 2014

Easy Tips # The Easy Way to Deseed Watermelon

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And yes!! the summer is here… And what is the best way to beat the summer heat than munching this fresh and juicy watermelon?? Don’t worry, if you are watching your figure and weight, eating so much of this fruit will not make you gain weight, because it has low calorie and rich with vitamins […]

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Apr 14 2014

Stuffed Capsicums / Stuffed Peppers

  There are a lot of way of making stuffed capsicum. From the Spanish style, European style, American style and to the Asian style. Whether you love using the red bell pepper or green pepper, there is no denying the wonderful smell when this dish goes in the cooking. The spicy smell of the pepper […]

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Apr 10 2014

Veg Paneer in American BBQ Style

Got bored with an old style of Indian BBQ or grill?? This could be a good idea to give a variety in your dish. It started in one afternoon in the weekend about six year ago, when I was planning to cook Veg – Paneer BBQ for the afternoon snack for my hubby. Then it came […]

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Apr 01 2014

Paneer Fritters (Paneer Pakoras)

This could be the easiest recipe so far … it is easy, it is fast, it is healthy and most of all…. it is yummy!!!!  If you’re on diet, watch out, because you cannot stop eating after the first two pieces… well… at least until all the fritters are finished … ha..ha.. If you are […]

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Dec 24 2009

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has been the most favourite meal for each generation in no matter which country people live in. I believe that each country have their own way of serving and cooking their special style of fried chicken. And I believe that each home have their own favourite recipes for fried chicken. Mothers… specially know how […]

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Dec 11 2009

Indian Style Paneer and Potato BBQ

There was a saying that to reach to a man’s heart is through his tummy , I kinda think that is is absolutely right. My husband really love this dish and whenever he eats this food, I can see the glow in his face… lol!!! He really loves the home made veg BBQ.

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Dec 10 2009

Choco Cheese Banana Bread

  I love Choco Cheese Banana Bread, I used to eat it when I was still staying in Jakarta. I really love sweet bread, especially with lots and lots of chocolate in it. I’m normally not the type of the person who likes to bake a bread, basically I didn’t have that much of confident in […]

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Jul 16 2009

Chili Baby Corn

This is my husband’s favorite meal, he likes to eat it along with the veg chowmein. It’s preety easy to make it and it doesn’t take so much of time. Very ideal for people who don’t have so much of time to cook… just like me In India, especially in Kolkata, baby corn is quite […]

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Sep 16 2008

Macaroni Chips

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I got this recipe from the internet and it really gave me the idea to try this recipe. Me and my hubby really like to eat chips, whenever we sat to watch TV or movies at home, it just didn’t feel good if we don’t chew anything crispy , I think you might know what […]

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