Apr 27 2014

Easy Tips # The Easy Way to Deseed Watermelon

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Deseeded Watermelon

Deseeded Watermelon

And yes!! the summer is here… And what is the best way to beat the summer heat than munching this fresh and juicy watermelon?? Don’t worry, if you are watching your figure and weight, eating so much of this fruit will not make you gain weight, because it has low calorie and rich with vitamins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watermelon), beside it also has so much health benefit to our body (http://news.nationalgeographic.co.in/news/2013/08/130820-watermelon-nutrition-health-food-science/)

But in-spite all the factor above, for some people, eating watermelon is not at all enjoyable. It is because they have to deal with the seeds, and even sometimes, it really a pain to prepare the watermelon without it seeds.

Here is the easiest tip to deseed the watermelon. Once you get to know “how”, it takes you merely 10 minutes to cut and deseed one watermelon.


How to deseed watermelon


First put the watermelon upright

How to deseed watermelon


 Cut the watermelon from the side vertically.

watermelon8 watermelon9 watermelon10

Cut into 3 parts following the line of the seeds, scrap the seeds and there you have the first batch of seedless watermelon.

watermelon6 watermelon7

Cut the watermelon again vertically

watermelon11 watermelon12

You will see 2 lines of the seeds. Cut the watermelon skin on the top and bottom, and use your hands just snap it. You will see that it has cut through the seeds. You just have to scrap the seeds, or pick them up with the tip of the knife.

watermelon13 watermelon14

Do it the same to the other side, cut the skin on the top and bottom of the seed line….

watermelon15 watermelon16

And use your hands to snap, scrap the seeds away.  Cut the watermelon according the bite size which you like.

=== Repeat these steps to the rest of the watermelon. ===

watermelon17 watermelon18

In the middle sometimes you will find more seeds, don’t worry, just use your hands to snap it, and it will again cut through the seeds.

And there you have, a bowl of seedless watermelon ready to help you beat the summer heat  :)


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