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Aug 02 2014

Thai Fish Curry

A Thai delicacy, Thai fish curry has captured the heart of many Thai cuisines fans…. including me. The only problem for the people who are living out of South East Asian countries, we don’t really find the proper ingredients to cook these delicacies, such as lemon grass, lime leaves, etc. Even if they are available, […]

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May 08 2014

Chicken Strips

Confused on what to prepare for your afternoon tea party or your kitty party?? well… not anymore… here is one suggestion to light up your afternoon party… the chicken strips!! ¬†it’s hot… it’s crunchy… it’s yummy… perfect snack and finger food to accompany your favorite tea. And what more??… it’s a very easy to make […]

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Dec 24 2009

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has been the most favourite meal for each generation in no matter which country¬†people live in. I believe that each country have their own way of serving and cooking their special style of fried chicken. And I believe that each home have their own favourite recipes for fried chicken. Mothers… specially know how […]

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Aug 26 2008

Light Chicken Curry

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India is very famous with curry… Turmeric , red and green chilly, ginger, coriander, etc are the common spices which are used in cooking. In some of the homes in India, people still use fresh turmeric, chilly, ginger and other spices, but in some homes which are more modern and open to changes, people have […]

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